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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 17: Preteen Nymphet Late Night BJ College Crossdressing Slut: Chapter 17
Late Night BJ
I had fallen asleep pretty early and very fast the night before so
I woke up a little disoriented the next morning. I looked over at Robert
in the bed next to me snoring away and my sore butt reminded me of what
happened the night before. It couldn’t have been past six but I was wide
awake. I figured I should get Preteen Nymphet
going so I could go home and study so I
nudged Robert but he was sound asleep. I quietly went to the bathroom to
freshen up and started to sneak out the room. I quietly closed his bedroom
door behind me and was startled to see Lance in the kitchen. “Hi Lance” I said softly. He looked sooo hot in just a pair of
basketball shorts and a tank top! “Oh, hi Kara,” He replied. “I didn’t even know you were over here.
I got home pretty late last night.” “I fell asleep kinda early,” I informed him. “That explains it.” Preteen Nymphet
He replied. “Usually I can hear you and
Robert when you are over.” “I’m sorry,” I giggled. “I guess I can get kinda loud.” “No worries, it doesn’t keep me awake. Just makes me a little
jealous of Robert.” He Preteen Nymphet
responded and Preteen Nymphet
winked at me. I blushed a little and
he added “I can’t sleep, why don’t you keep me company while I eat. Of
course I said yes and I made myself a hot chocolate while we made a little
small talk. When my hot chocolate was ready I joined him on the couch,
curled up with my knees tucked to my chest (even though I was still wearing
my jean skirt), and leaving a cushion between Lance and I. I saw him
glance down at what must have been a nice view of my bikini thong peaking
out from my skirt. “So what did you and Rob do yesterday?” Lance asked. “Well I rode his cock on this couch right where you’re sitting.” I
responded grinning. “Awwww.” Lance groaned and slid over to the center cushion next to
me. “I don’t want to think about Rob’s bare ass on MY couch!” “What if it was my bare ass?” I flirted. “Well that’s different.” He responded with a little laugh. He
then got a little more serious and said “I hope you don’t mind me asking,
but what got you started dressing like this? You look really good doing it
by the way.” I told him my whole story and he listened (or at least pretended to
listen) intently. I told him how I had been a good girl and not had sex
till college and Robert Preteen Nymphet
was only the second guy I had had sex with. I left
out talking about the other guys I’d been with since then. I then asked
him even though I knew the answer, “Do you like crossdressers?” “I love them.” He replied. “I’m pretty much bi. I like guys a
little more than girls though, especially slim femme ones like you. Guys
are more chill and less maintenance” “You’ve fucked crossdressers before then?” “Yeah, but none like you. Just some guys that wore panties and
stuff.” “That’s hot though.” I replied. “Ooooh, tell me about the first
one.” “There’s not much to tell. It was in high school my senior
year…” “Lucky, you got to have sex in high school,” I cut him off. “Oops,
finish your story,” I added. Well the guy was a sophomore and was pretty flaming so everyone new
he was gay and made fun of him. He was only about 5′4 too and was just
this skinny little guy. I got some people to stop being mean to him and
started hanging out with him a little.” “That was nice of you.” “Not really, I was doing it because I wanted to fuck him. I was in
the closet at the time and he was the only gay guy I knew. I invited him
over one day when my parents were gone and we got a little drunk off my
parent’s vodka. I wanted to use being drunk as an excuse. I made a move
on him and then took him upstairs and fucked him on my parent’s bed.
Sometimes I gave him a ride home and had him suck me off after school too.” I thought you said he was a crossdresser though?” I asked. “Yeah, I was a little worried about getting found out so I started
seeing him less. He thought it was because I was more into girls and he
got jealous of my girlfriend. One day he told me he had to tell me
something so I went to his place and he was dressed up as a girl. He
didn’t have any makeup except lipstick and no wig but his ass looked so hot
that I just had to fuck him again. I broke up with my girlfriend and I
fucked him the rest of my senior year but I haven’t since then. I probably
would have stayed with her but I got addicted to anal and she wouldn’t let
me near here ass. I couldn’t stay that excited with her. Whenever I
fucked her loose pussy I kept thinking about his tight ass and how much
better it felt.” “That’s hot! I wish we had gone to the same high school!” “You would have been in Junior High though!” He laughed. “How old are you?” I asked. “23. Are you even 19 yet cutie?” “Not yet.” I grinned. I was getting aroused at his compliments.
I wanted to know more about him so I kept asking questions. “When’s the
last time you were with a girl?” I asked “Actually, just a little while ago. There’s a girl I know who goes
to your school actually. I fuck her every once in awhile.” “That’s cool. I thought you didn’t like going with girls after
being with a guy? What makes you want to go fuck a girl?” “You did.” “Really?” I responded really flattered. “Yeah, after Robert had you give me and Barry those blowjobs, I
started craving a cute girl to fuck. I called up that girl Denise and
fucked and spanked her fat ass. I found out you’re not the only girl that
likes to get spanked. “I only like it when I deserve it.” I giggled. “Was she hot? I
bet you wish it was a tight ass like mine you were fucking.” He really had
me horny and I couldn’t stop looking at this gorgeous guy. “She’s alright. She has a few extras pounds but its ok Preteen Nymphet because
that girl loves it in the ass. Preteen Nymphet Its hard to find a girl that likes anal.” “That’s hard to believe.” I responded. This talk was getting me
so horny that I said “I’m cold” and cuddled up on him. “Do you don’t like
to get fucked by guys at all?” “Hell no,” He responded. “That’s not for me. I’m all top.” “Good. I like top guys.” I replied as I grabbed his hard bicep
and let my hand “accidentally” brush against his package. I could feel he
was semi erect. “Don’t pretend that’s an accident.” He laughed. “Of course it was.” I giggled. I was incredibly horny cuddled up
to this gorgeous guy that I knew wanted me. Remembering the great fucking
I had received on this very same couch the day before only exacerbated my
feelings. “Do you think Robert would mind terribly if I gave you a quick
BJ? You two must share right?” I asked as I looked in his eyes and began
rubbing his cock through his shorts. “We’ve shared before,” was his reply. That’s all I needed to hear as I quickly got off the couch and was
ready to drop to my knees. I changed my mind though and instead pulled him
up off the couch and trotted towards his bedroom with Lance in tow. “Take
off your shorts and sit on the bed” I told him. “I’ll be right back.” I
went across the hall to the bathroom to check my makeup real quick. Then I
thought of Robert for a second and quickly went down the hall to check on
him. I cracked the door open and saw him snoring away lying on his
stomach. I then hurried back down the hall and back to Lance’s room. He
was sitting on the edge of the bed like I had told him too and was stripped
naked. He looked so hot and he had this tiny little bit of a belly that
was only noticeable when he sat down. I thought it made him look even
hotter. “I’ve been waiting on you.” He smiled as he rubbed his hard cock. I just smiled Preteen Nymphet back and got on my knees and crawled towards his cock
on all fours with my ass raised in the air. This position really made me
want his cock in my ass but I was a little too sore to truly enjoy a
fucking right now. When I arrived, I stayed on all fours and licked his
cock and balls. Lance just moaned and kept telling me I was the best.
After about five minutes of licking and teasing, I got his cock in my mouth
and slowly sucked. I slowly moved from all fours to on my knees and
quickened the pace. I started using my hands on the base Preteen Nymphet as I sucked his
cock and Preteen Nymphet cupped his balls. He kept moaning and then said “Let me cum in
your mouth baby.” Of course I was going to let him anyway but his saying
that really turned me on. Less than a minute later, warm cum was spurting
down my throat and into my tummy. I gulped and gulped his warm load as the
hot jizz slid down my throat. “Mmmm. The best baby. You’re the best at that.” He said in a
very satisfied voice. “Now swallow all that cum in your mouth so I can
kiss those beautiful lips of yours.” I worked my tongue around my mouth and licked my lips as he watched
and anticipated my first kiss with Lance. “All gone!” I said as he stood
up and put his arms on my waist and slipped his slippery tongue into my
mouth and against mine. I closed my eyes and was in heaven as this stud
kissed and sucked on my tongue. We soon moved to the bed and made out for
about fifteen minutes. He was such a good kisser! I hated to go but I was
worried Robert would see us. For a funny reason I thought Robert wouldn’t
mind me sucking off his buddy but would get upset if I was making out with
him. Besides, Robert was always looking for an excuse to spank my ass and
my butt sure didn’t feel like that this morning.
I left Lance in his bed complaining about how he would really not
be able to sleep now. I felt guilty as I walked down the hall past
Robert’s room so I peaked in. He was still lying on his stomach with heavy
snores but I walked in anyway. I used my entire strength to roll him over
on his back. He started waking up and was a little disoriented. I wanted
to alleviate a little of my guilt and luckily for me he already had some
morning wood. I pulled his boxers down just enough to get at his cock and
hungrily devoured his cock. Unlike with Lance, I didn’t take my time and
sucked hard and loud. His dick was pretty musty tasting and he must not
have taken a shower the night before. I purposefully made a lot of sucking
noises and made his dick extremely wet with my saliva because I wanted him
to come quick. Pretty soon he was spurting the second load of jizz that
morning down my throat. “Thanks baby. You’re a real good girl.” He mumbled sleepily. He
then added “Give Lance one of those too. He keeps bugging me about it.”
And he rolled back over to fall asleep. “If you want me too.” I replied. “Just don’t let him fuck you. Your ass is mine.” He mumbled back. I headed back to my apartment with a full belly and a big grin on
my face.
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